The EAT LIFE project offers keys and tools for participants to change their eating habits, thus improving their health and that of the planet. It also helps them to perceive their individual impact and understand that their choices, decisions and actions make a difference!

Are you joining the change?

Great! We are already 12862 people committed to changing our habits and transforming the food system 🙂

Oh, no 🙁 Your contribution is very important for transforming the food system. If you change your mind, you know where to find us 🙂

That's good! This will free up 1701 m² of land in a year. Go ahead!

What a shame! Reducing meat consumption is one of the key points to reducing the impact of food on climate and the environmental crisis.

Great! This way, you'll stop eating more calories and nutrients than you should, and your diet will be healthier.

Wow! Unhealthy eating is the number one cause of disease in our country, as it can lead to diabetes, heart disease and chronic illnesses.

Great! This will promote food sovereignty, because food is a right and not a business, and will contribute to the region’s biodiversity!

Oh! Consuming local and seasonal products helps the economy and preservation of the region, as well as ensuring a fresh and quality product.

Spectacular! This will reduce the amount of plastic globally, as 1.3 billion bottles are consumed every day (the equivalent of half an Eiffel Tower!).

Oh! The planet will soon not tolerate any more accumulated plastics and we will have trouble enjoying good health.

Fantastic! By taking this action you will help planetary health and save around 63 euros on your grocery budget.

Are you sure? Think of it as a financial saving too!

12862 people have committed themselves to changing their eating habits for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system!

Celebrate it!

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