Workshops for families are focused on discouraging the idea that eating in a sustainable and healthy way is very expensive and requires a lot of time and effort, taking into account the difficulties and realities of family life. The focus of the workshops is very practical and follows a methodology that aims to ensure the involvement, awareness and critical spirit of families, while promoting a space to ask questions and discuss.

The workshops available are as follows:

Healthy for the planet, healthy for me: a workshop on how to reduce childhood obesity while making sustainable decisions. It includes concepts such as personal well-being and the importance of promoting better eating habits.

– The food pyramid is not everything: the food we eat is important, but that is not all. In this workshop we will see how the way we cook and present food and how we eat it (in front of the TV, with the family …) shapes our habits, and also how it can be an easy way to transform our diets so that they are more sustainable.

Stop Food Waste: this workshop discusses about everyday techniques to reduce food waste (e.g., how to avoid over-shopping or spoiling food) and is complemented by cooking recipes with ingredients that are common in garbage, such as carrot leaves.

Infants participant en un taller sobre alimentació saludable i sostenible

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