Educating in the awareness and learning of healthy and sustainable eating is one of the fundamental pillars of EAT:LIFE. To do this, this section presents, on the one hand, a series of courses that will provide basic and practical knowledge for the promotion of food sustainability. They are especially aimed at professionals in education and food programs in schools, such as teachers, Corporate Social Responsibility departments of food distribution companies in school canteens, chefs, school canteen councilors and non-formal educators. On the other hand, workshops are also offered for families who want to deepen their knowledge of healthy eating and sustainability and are interested in changing and/or improving their eating habits.


Reduction of food waste in school canteens

Formato: Presencial. 4 horas - curso abierto (15 meses). Idiomas: catalán y castellano. Este proyecto formará a 500 educadores de comedores escolares, maestros y educadores no formales y les presentará una metodología para reducir el desperdicio alimentario y promover, entre los niños y jóvenes, hábitos saludables y sostenibles, alimentación de proximidad y de temporada. Estos hechos son especialmente relevantes, ya que el informe "Escuelas contra el derroche alimentario" ha establecido que los centros educativos de la región metropolitana de Barcelona tiran cada día 46,9 g de alimentos por comida y por niño (unos 20,5 kg por escuela).


Proximity and seasonal cuisine for your health and for the planet’s health

Format: 4 online editions of 4 hours. Languages: Catalan and Spanish.

Course aimed at chefs, cook's assistants and future professionals who work in school kitchens and other collective kitchens, to ensure that they have the right tools to reduce food waste and cook in a healthy and sustainable way.


Sustainable food and SDG

Format: 4 online editions. English language.

Students will explore the challenges facing the current agri-food system and will discuss and discover the link between the SDGs and food, so that they can later develop proposals for initiatives/activities on how to improve the SDG indicators by addressing some of the food challenges. Course aimed especially at formal and non-formal educators and CSR departments of food distribution companies in school canteens. Access the course by clicking here.