Collective challenge #DretAlimentació20N (2021)

On the occasion of International Children’s Rights Day, celebrated on 20 November 2021, Fundesplai proposed the #Dretalimentació20N challenge to schools, educational leisure spaces, families and children. The challenge had different objectives: to get children and young people to reflect on the effect of food on the health of people and the planet; to encourage healthy nutritional habits; to promote the values of respect for nature, care for people and citizen participation; and to raise awareness that all children in the world have the right to food. Children are the driving force for change; for this reason, various awareness-raising activities were carried out throughout the week, culminating in a comprehensive collective action on 20N.

Prior awareness-raising activities consisted of debates on the importance of children’s rights and celebrating 20N and the creation of a large interactive mural (physical or virtual) on which children and families wrote or drew a commitment to promote healthy and sustainable food.

On 19 and 20 November, we organised a decentralised gymkhana in the territories of the Autonomous Community. The gymkhana contained a series of tests, including making a collage about the origin of the ingredients of some recipes, the relay game of simulating the transport of a pineapple, creating food with origami and completing the planetary health pyramid. The gymkhana culminated with a creative representation of a slogan related to healthy and sustainable food made by all participants.

The activity was given visibility on social media (through the actions of families and educators).

A total of 123 schools and 37 educational leisure spaces participated in the challenge, and 25,360 children and young people were mobilised.

We want to thank all the schools and educational leisure spaces participating in this initiative.

Thank you for being part of such a powerful educational community!