Reinventing food waste: a conversation with Too Good To Go

The term food waste refers to the collection of food items discarded throughout the food chain, even though they are still perfectly suitable for human consumption. Without possible alternative uses, this food ends up as waste.

Avui dia aquest malbaratament alimentari constitueix un problema global, recordem algunes dades:

Today, this food wastage is a global problem. Here are some facts:

  • The loss of resources that could help feed the entire world’s population.
  • Wasted food makes up 8% of all greenhouse gases emitted.
  • If food waste were a country, it would be 3rd in terms of CO₂ emissions, 1st in water consumption and 2nd in agricultural land use.

The European Commission estimates that the world discards more than 1.3 billion tonnes of food yearly. It represents 1/3 of the world’s food production. Of this amount, 89 million tonnes correspond to the European Union, where between 30% and 50% of all healthy, edible food is eventually turned into waste (Manos Unidas, 2020).

1st PERSON EXPERIENCE: discovering Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go is presented as an initiative against the food waste. Below is an interview with Helena Calvo, Impact Projects Manager of the Web platform: